Is truth an accord with objective reality?

Barry Ritholtz wonders aboout Seeking the Truth — Or Obscuring It?. He lists three reasons for seeking this sort of Truth.

1) intellectual interest: “So few people seem to understand what objective reality is that it is a rarified space to even get near, much less inhabit.”

2) professional: “Fund managers whose universe deviate from reality eventually come to major losses, under-performance, and professional ruin.”

3) political: “we live in a society where decision-making takes place with less and less reverence for the Truth, with terrible consequences.”

One of the surprising things this blog has taught me about Reality is how long it takes to go viral. There are entrenched interests opposed to the truth, and they release their grip on their subjective fantasies very, very slowly.

Barry wonders “Are you a truth seeker, or a truth obscurer?” That is a question about intellectual integrity. It is a question one must always use to qualify communications from others.

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