A problem with permits

The RGJ highlights a problem with permits in rationalizing its lawsuit to dig dirt on the governor. They do a ‘fact finding’ report on the question Is loss of privacy the price of a concealed weapon?.

The claim that the information on the permit includes Social Security numbers, relatives and health information is bogus. Yes, that information is on the application for the permit, but the application isn’t on the permit itself.

One has to wonder about an 11 page application with four pages to be filled out properly in order to be able to obtain permission to exercise a Constitutional right. The RGJ says the application itself is protected and only the permit is public record. That is somewhat like the sex offender database. Now you can not only find out if your neighbor is a sex offender, you can also find out if he carries a gun. For some, it seems, these are equally dangerous threats.

Or, as the newspaper illustrates, having this sort of data in the public record also provides ammunition for political slandering.

The community is much bigger than it used to be. Public records are much easier to access and search than ever before. The misuse and lack of responsibility in using the data available may be a rising problem.

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