What’s Up? April 12, 2005

The Pope is gone and the Cardinals are in conclave to select another. It seems they are taking the prudent approach of silence to the media but even that doesn’t stop the press speculation and innuendo about Church Politics. The Bash ‘n Trash crowd is out in force, too and getting some play in the media.

Mr. Bolton is under attack by Senate Democrats and groups like Code Pink that seem the think the U.S. should subjugate itself to the U.N. There are a lot of other folks, though, who think a straight talkin’ U.S. oriented U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. is just the ticket for today’s conditions.

The attempt to Gingrich DeLay continues apace with the NYT seeking out a Republican, any Republican, to go on record with the Democrats to impugn the behavior of the Republican House Majority Leader. What can be seen here is a vacuous attempt at partisan politics unfounded in either principle or reality. Revenge and machination are not the stuff of success. Some are starting to express worry that perhaps the Democrat’s efforts, even if they succeed with DeLay as they did with others, may hinder and not help long term Democrat goals, whatever they may be (no one seems to know).

The food fight also seems to be getting serious on Campus. Those hotbeds of leftist ideology who are so vocal about free speech and diversity seem to have an excess of pies and similar food items to throw at people like Horowitz, Coulter, and others.

The Campus bias and professorial behavior problems are becoming more clearly defined and are starting to show effect. Surveys illustrate just how biased most faculty is. There are indications that students and parents are seeking to avoid classroom political indroctrination. Even alumni seem to be taking more of an interest in terms of governance activism and gifting.

Social Security is continuing to provide a good focus for illustrating first order hypocrisy in the AARP and Democratic partisan arguments. Much education is needed although the lessons that were accepted in the nineties are beginning to become accepted once more even though they come from a different direction.

The ‘advice and consent’ arguments are also boiling. Again, there is a need for an honest opponent. Those advocating minority veto (a.k.a. fillibuster) for this function are not being very honest in citing history or the constitution.

It appears that Iraqi news continues its progression towards the back pages as there is less and less ‘doom and gloom’ news and so much more that is very difficult to paint in a ‘horrible America’ light.

And then there is the price of crude oil, the price of gasoline, the problems between inflation adjusted versus absolute prices, and the matter on NIMBY in regards to building new refineries. ANWAR fits in here somewhere, too.

But its springtime! You can look at the flowers and budding green and all the joys of a world waking up for summer or you can sneeze and cough and rub your eyes and complain. You decide which is a better path! (its probably all a Karl Rove plot, anyway)

And April 15 is all too close for comfort.

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