There is now no law

VDH has a must read. The topic is illegal immigration and the point is the matter of identity.

We are in revolutionary times when the law is a malleable thing, its validity predicated only on its perceived social utility at any given moment.

This is how nations are lost.

He points out how “historical grievances have made enforcement of the law rather debatable, given that sovereignty, national borders, and the notion of a definable America altogether are “problematic.”” That provides a contrast to the peace at the Canadian border as being due, in part, to Canadians not harboring resentment about the location of their border with the U.S.

The great paradox is described. This is the contradiction between people who escape from one country to seek refuge in another and then try to recreate that from which they found it necessary to seek refuge.

Then there’s Palin’s take comparing the Arizona governor’s stance to the President’s on illegal immigration. That provides another potential boon for T-shirt sales with slogans. It illustrates that there are many who do not want to lose their nation in the manner Hanson warns about.

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