Hubris and arrogance in science?

The ScienceBlogs network has suffered a loss of authors. The immediate stimulus was their running a PepsiCo Food Frontiers nutrition blog. That offended other bloggers sense of superiority in independence from crass commercial things. Virginia Heffernan describes the mess.

But the bloggers’ eek-a-mouse posturing wasn’t the most striking part of the affair. Instead, it was the weird vindictiveness of many of the most prominent blogs. The stilted and seething tone of some of the defection posts sent me into the ScienceBlogs archives, where I expected to find original insights into science by writers who stress that they are part of, in the blogger Dave Munger’s words, “the most influential science blogging network in the world.” And while I found interesting stuff here and there, I also discovered that ScienceBlogs has become preoccupied with trivia, name-calling and saber rattling. Maybe that’s why the ScienceBlogs ship started to sink.

Under cover of intellectual rigor, the science bloggers — or many of the most visible ones, anyway — prosecute agendas so charged with bigotry that it doesn’t take a pun-happy French critic or a rapier-witted Cambridge atheist to call this whole ScienceBlogs enterprise what it is, or has become: class-war claptrap.

The blog network was flying under false colors. Like much of the climate alarmism ‘science,’ its components were ideological and not scientific. When someone with a financial stake in the content started to participate it was too much for the ideologues. The result is a revealing of the hubris and arrogance of people who insist on living where the light of reality is quite dim.

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