Seeking honest debate

John Cornyn asked for An honest debate, please in a Washington Times Op/Ed 4 April.

the American people deserve an honest, responsible and fair discussion to ensure that we are indeed fulfilling our dual responsibilities to protect national security and civil liberties alike. Unfortunately, the debate about the Patriot Act has not always met that standard.

John Cornyn is a Republican senator from Texas and a member of the Judiciary Committee. He is a former state supreme court justice and attorney general. He recently was involved in a scandal created by misquoting his comments regarding judicial activism and sources of attacks on the judiciary. The psuedo scandal makes an interesting contrast underscoring his litany of spurious attacks on the Patriot Act and in like of the withering of another media created scandal – the revealed CIA spy affair.

Then, of course, there is the Social Security Debate, the Advice and Consent filibusters debate, and the attempt to Gingrich DeLay, that all provide good examples of where Cornyn’s plea is likely to be to thin air.

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