considering consequences

Jay Tea articulated one of the significant consequences of the Schiavo controversy.

It’s a truism in legal circles that tough cases lead to bad laws. And this is one of the toughest. Those who are calling for wholesale shakeups of some of the most fundamental components of our society today aren’t thinking things through enough. It’s one of the reasons why laws passed in regards to a single person or situation are such a bad idea.

In the end, the Terri Schiavo case might end up causing far more violence to the institution of marriage than that feared by the religious right when they were horrified at the thought of thousands of gays racing up the aisle. [emph added]

And I can’t imagine anyone would want that to be their legacy.

We have had well meaning and rational folks who seem to have no problem opposing the verdict of a trial they never attended. We have medical facility staff and licensed doctors who are doing things of questionable ethical veracity. We have pundits and legislators who are claiming judicial activism in a case marked by clear adherance to law. Hopefully these folks will take a step back and re-consider their ‘heat of the moment’ views to gain a proper insight into both their basis and their consequences.

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