Whitewash? or rose colored glasses?

You must not believe the witness of your own lying eyes, it seems. AlterNet seems to think ACORN Totally Vindicated of All Wrongdoing — What Was That ‘Scandal’ All About?. The commentary is more of a study in self deception than it is of reality.

The GAO report was a review of grants by nine federal agencies and it found no problems with those grants. That builds a straw man to distract the attention away from the scandals that caused ACORN much embarrassment. That is followed by developing the appeal to authority by describing GAO as independent and nonpartisan and a watchdog. Then the expose’ was judged to be edited and misleading and deceptive and a part of a Republican partisan campaign, conservative activists, “lunatic right wing,” and the “Faux Noose” propaganda arm (some in the comments).

Of course, the frequent mention of the author’s book is probably just coincidental.

There are parallels in the manner by which the climate research questions are being swept under the rug. It is something to note. Who do you want to believe? Tentative or preliminary reports with a carefully crafted limited scope or your own lying eyes? From this commentary, it seems that some don’t think their own witness is worth much.

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