The message is in behavior, not words

The Washington Times columnists are taking note of what the response to the Gulf Oil Spill tells us about political ideologies. The expression is, to some at least, a concern and a warning.

Nugent: “This does not mean America should not look for other forms of energy to quench our thirst for power. However, we must not rush to embrace alternative forms of energy without first doing due diligence.

Decker: “The fate of the Deepwater Horizon rig was the consequence of actions taken in pursuit of BP’s corporate strategy to become known as the environmentally-friendly energy company. This agenda was drilled into public consciousness by a slick marketing campaign which rebranded BP to stand for “Beyond Petroleum.”

Murdock: “11 other countries and the United Nations also had offered skimmer boats and other assets and experts to prevent the oil from destroying dolphins, crabs, oysters and this disaster’s other defenseless victims. … Alas, they were turned away.

It does not appear that the ecological damage is the primary concern, nor has it been. It has just been the rationale for its appeal. When push comes to shove though, it is the unions, the corporation bashing, energy fantasies, and other such things that seem to take priority.

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