That’s a game changer

Anthony Watts encountered it:

We can disagree about climate, we can hurl insults back and forth across the ether, and we can write essays. All that is fair game. The moment somebody abandons those forums to invade my personal property, especially after it has been made clear previously, that you are unwelcome, well, that’s a game changer.

This sort of invasion seems to be a rather common modern phenomenon. Whether it is a shipment of supplies going to terrorists in Israel or just some folks in an Airstream RV club, the ‘in your face up close and personal’ conflict method seems to be the choice by many. It is extremism run amok.

This does have implications towards the eminent domain court cases that have gone, or are going, through the courts. They also bespeak of a lack of respect for individual property rights and the ‘might makes right’ ethos for the promulgation of ideologies. One could also look at the use of the word ‘denier’ for those questioning anthropogenic climate change as another example of the overall phenomena. These are many expressions of irrational and dishonest means that must be confronted, exposed, and defeated.

The Tea Parties, which many current national legislators are avoiding, are a contrasting example of how to present a view and let disagreement and dissent be known. They provide a contrast that everyone should carefully consider in their own approaches towards civil and social change.

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