What do the cops have to hide?

Ed asks Do police have a legitimate expectation of privacy in public performance of duty?

It seems that there are a lot of police who do not want their official, in public, actions recorded. Various laws involving privacy, wiretapping, and obstruction of justice have been used as a pretext for arresting the person with the camera.

Police do not have an expectation of privacy in their public encounters with the citizenry. In fact, they should have instead an expectation of public accountability for the performance of that work. When a free people give police the authority to enforce our laws and to have the leeway to commit acts of violence in doing so, that is a trust that requires oversight and accountability.

A ‘secret police’ is a frightful concept as the history of a police that is not accountable for its actions to the citizens they serve is a police that tends to decide its own law. SWAT teams, the chiefs of police advocacy for gun control, and this persecution of those who record police action in the public sphere are all examples of small steps towards a police state. It is a mounting concern.

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