A reference point on the oil spill

It is in the news. It is likely to continue to be for quite some time. Anything that looks like it might have been caused by the disaster will be blamed on it. There are efforts to criminalize anyone associated with it. Very few seem to have any interest in perspective. The Resilient Earth provides a few Crude Facts About Offshore Drilling for those who want to aim before firing the big gun.

While environmentalists clamor for a shut down of all offshore drilling in the Gulf, realists know that this will make the threat to ocean life even greater. What has not being told to the public is that nature itself leaks more oil into the ocean each year than mankind, and has been doing so for millions of years. What is even less known is that offshore drilling can actually reduce the amount of crude released into the seas.

The threat is real. Ecosystems, tourism, and fishing will all feel the impact. There will be long term policy consequences. These will have to be handled but they are only distractions towards the effort of finding solutions to the needs for energy, how it is obtained, how to reduce risks with due consideration for both costs and benefits, and how to manage efforts.

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