The manner of debate: Texas and Arizona

In Texas, it’s the school curriculum and in Arizona it is a matter of making federal law local. Both have broad popular support but both have stimulated outrage and some very interesting headlines and accusations. On the Texas controversy, William Muchison asks How Dare You Teach Conservatism!

When did I know the board had done essentially the right thing? The moment I picked up the Dallas Morning News and drank in the musings of a columnist who was, well, let’s just say beside herself.

The degree of outrage to the actions of both Arizona and Texas seems out of perspective and that is an indicator that something deep has been tickled. The Arizona immigration law was condemned before it was even read, labeled “racist,” and even the Mexican President condemned it despite his own country’s immigration law being much more severe and much more harshly enforced.

This is the manner of the debate. There is a difference. Can you see it?

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