Modern warfare: social ideologies

The Washington Times carries two commentaries from the front. Robert Knight describes how the Court puts Boy Scouts in a moral quandary and Dave Berg take on the Salute to atheism on National Day of Prayer

The Scouts are caught between a rock and a hard place. Either they drop their moral standard and put boys and their own legal survival at risk, or they face endless harassment designed to bankrupt them.

Then there’s the ruling that the National Day of Prayer is a violation of the First Amendment.

Yet the numerically insignificant FFRF (14,000 members) has effectively put Christianity and all other religions in America on the defensive.

Berg’s advice?

The atheist group is on a “holy” mission, which I respect. I understand what faith the size of a mustard seed can do. This isn’t about turning the other cheek. Jesus never said lie down and play dead when the other side gets out of hand. Ask the money changers.

Meanwhile there are the American flag wearing school kids who shouldn’t tease others on a foreign national holiday; a terrorist bombing attempt by a man with a close fit to groups and a profile whose name shall not be uttered; the Pope’s sex scandal, the Greeks and other “where’s the cash… gimme my (your) money” riots, and on.

It almost seems as if some like the fight just so they have something to do.

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