Evolution of the straw man

Don Boys illustrates the problem in his assertion that Almost a Thousand Major Scientists Dissent from Darwin!. He builds a straw man, calls it evolution, then burns it at the stake. It is a typical example of how some folks solve dissonance between reality and their personal views.

The key in this one is to note that Boys’ argument is about random mutation, not evolution. That is the straw man. The “Thousand Major Scientists” is an example of trying to use the ‘vox populi’ fallacy for comfort and authority. Then there is the ad hominem: “We creationists will continue to remind evolutionists that their lie about “change” has been exposed.” The assertions about “lies” and the claims that a certain group is for “the advancement of atheism” due to their views on this topic are also keys that should be used to qualify the screed. Evolution is science. Creationism is religion. The two do not mix well.

When you want to refute a theory or an hypothesis, you really need to make sure you understand it and that you respond to what it is, not what you want it to be. You cannot select out some particular aspect to isolate it and build your straw man to tear down as it proves your point.

What the anti-evolutionists need to do is to show how everything from the breeding of animals to the creation of genetically modified crops to drug resistant diseases can be explained in a measurable and useful way without evolutionary theory. Then they might have something.

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