Alinsky’s rules with examples

If you’ve heard about Alinksy’s rules for radicals but don’t know what they are, Jay Tea has a nice summary list for you. The list is used to illustrate tactics that have surfaced to combat the Tea Party movement.

If you can recognize these tactics and common logical fallacies, you’ll have made significant progress in understanding the positions in many debates and discussions. See also UNC and CSUN for more on logical fallacies.

Second, and maybe more importantly, pointing out a logical fallacy is a way of removing an argument from the debate rather than just weakening it. [CSUN]

When you identify and take note of a dishonest tactic, you set it apart from the realm of intellectual integrity. That makes it clear that those who participate in such behavior are not concerned about reality. That sad part, as Dr Sanity has described in detail, an attachment to reality is often not considered of much value in many circles.

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