Politics today

It turns out that flagpoles are joining guns as potential weapons. Tax day demonstrators are being prohibited from flying flags that have poles more than a foot long out of fear of violence. That is a fear about the same group that promulgated false charges of racism that were promoted out of a baiting exercise. Despite the baiting, the only violence so far has been among those who are trying to impugn the Tea Party participants.

Then there is the class warfare. That one is seen in the obsession about Governor Palin’s income over the last few months and speculation about how it will alienate her from the masses. Very few have noted the true American value of success and its proper rewards.

S. Fred Singer takes on similar behavior in the ClimateGate Whitewash. Again, the core of the issue is an attempt at displacement. It is an effort to look past misbehavior of those on the politically correct bandwagon and find misbehavior on those who call it for what it is. As is often the case in these arguments, Singer cites fact and lists specific behaviors whereas the other side of the argument gets into the ad hominem and other logical fallacies.

Then there is the police behavior. One story deals with a Las Vegas man who has promoted civil rights education in the police department due to his treatment when openly carrying firearms. Another involves the repudiation of police testimony about injuries in a mob that was required when video surfaced to show what really happened. This is related to police attempting to confiscate recording devices and other means to inhibit public witness to their behavior. As the Tea Party participants have discovered, plentiful video and I’net communications via the web can be powerful tools to combat deceit.

There was also another story about terrorists leaving a long trail. That one mentioned a 70’s era terrorist who was up for murder due to her DNA being recovered from a letter bragging about the incident. Murder does not have a statute of limitations in most countries and terror leaves evidence that will remain to connect crime to criminal for a long time to come.

The truth will out – but only if sufficient numbers place value on intellectual integrity to make it a force in political dialog.

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