Majority rule?

When in a group there are certain accomodations that need to be made for the benefit of all.

Long before I ever knew much about Republicans and Democrats I remember gangs of kids deciding all sorts of arguments with a show of hands and the phrase “majority rules.” It would seem, that’s an unheard of concept in many corners of our world today, and most specifically in the US Senate and SCOTUS. For the Dems the world view is “We Rule.” [rspostal; Majority Rules? Poor Robert; 16mr05]

There has been a lot of discussion about mandate since the 2004 national elections. There are folks who are absolutely certain the election was rigged, that money bought the votes that the other side used to win, or that some other reason can be used to deny the outcome of the election.

In corporate governance, is it called the findamental duty of loyalty. Once the decision has been made then it is the duty of all of those in the group to accept, implement, and own the decision.

Some are worried, and probably rightfully so, when there is such a loud minority who refuse to accept the decisions made. The behavior of opposition has exceeded bounds of loyalty in the manner of a civil divide and not a part of the whole seeking change. We’ve been there, done that. Let’s not do it again.

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