The crux of the matter: dealing with reality

Dr. Sanity has your lesson in understanding people today. The example is the psychotic left vs neurotic right? but the same observations could be applied to areas other than politics.

One of the most important psychological challenges for every human is dealing with reality and the real world–particularly when the consequences of confronting truth are personally unpleasant and painful. That is exactly what psychological denial seeks to avoid.

Today we are witness to the left’s vivid (and psychotic) imagination, feverishly working overtime to reverse all those unwelcome facts and painful truths so they can remain in an endless childhood.

The issue is fundamental and it is as difficult for people as the emotional impact of significant events in their lives.

You would think it would be a simple matter to be “in touch” with reality. But it isn’t. It requires a great deal of cognitive effort–i.e., thinking–and often that effort must assert itself over powerful emotions that draw the person away from the real world, to a place more comfortable and unchallenging–i.e., to their inner reality.

Whether the talk is about health care, global warming, or even lead acid batteries and alternative energy, the behavior patterns Dr. Sanity describes are clearly evident. The problem is that of trying to bring reality back to the front, to bring intellectual integrity back to debate and discussion. That is not going to be an easy task.

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