Making a mountain out of a molehill

Creating issues that don’t really exist – making a mountain out of a mole hill – is a common technique, related to the straw man technique, of dishonest argument.

Perhaps Barstow and Stein have stumbled upon an effective new technique for demonizing political opponents when there’s nothing of substance about which to complain: find a routine activity or program not generally understood by the public, and paint it as some form of the Devil’s work. [Richard N. Weltz; Ask the man in the street; American Thinker 16mr05 ]

In this case, it is attempting to show that the current administration is full of little ‘Joseph Goebbels’ by taking something the government has done, is supposed to do, needs to do, and painting it as some monstrosity.

The lesson is that you need to be careful taking news reports at face value.

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