The census and civil disobedience

There seems to be a movement objecting to the focus on race by the government. Scott at Powerline says We’re an American Man and cites Mark Krikorian on the point that much of the US census form is about race. The suggested solution has been picked up by many.

I Am An American — ( Census #9- check “Some other race”, write in “American.” ) citing Ace of Spades.

Shrinkwrapped suggests Sending a Message with the Census.

Tigerhawk echoes the sentiment in Civil disobedience.

Economic Expert describes the options and notes that:

Some other race was included in 2000 census for respondents who were unable to identify with the five Office of Management and Budget race categories. Respondents who provided write-in entries such as Moroccan, South African, Belizean, or a Hispanic origin (for example, Mexican, Puerto Rican, or Cuban) (or even American) are included in the “Some other race” category.

Bear Creek Ledger has its take on Census Question Number 9 – pass it on.

What will the Census Bureau do if you answer “American?” A clue is in Recommendations of the Census Bureau’s African American Advisory Committee. It looks like answers of other -> American will be assigned a slot in the defined race categories at the whim of the Bureau.

The US Census looks to be an opportunity for US citizens to express their feelings about societal segregation by race. It appears to be an opportunity that has significant appeal to many.

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