Take me to your leader

One of the phenomena that has become rather visible in the climate argument is about leadership. What happens is a standard logical fallacy. It assigns a fringe viewpoint as mainstream and uses that to typify the adherents to the viewpoint. Rick Moran demonstrates this in describing Al Gore’s recent op-ed.

Every time I read an amateur climate skeptic referring to the recent blizzards or cold temps as “proof” that global warming is a fraud, I cringe.

Here, it is a rationalization of the climate skeptic community and not a castigation as would be used from someone on the other side of the argument. The point is, though, that both sides have adherents who use this particular sort of logic. To ‘blame’ such logic on one group or another does not serve any purpose.

In order to make a point with more weight, it is the position of the leaders in a point of view that should be used to establish norms, not the fringe. Whether the issue is a stance on climate or on terrorism or on torture or on health care or whatever, integrity is best served by using more accurate representations.

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