They can’t help it: hurricane disasters

It is an AP report at PhysOrg. Study: Warming to bring stronger hurricanes. The picture is a house with the roof ripped off by Hurricane Charley. The warning is dire: global warming will cause more disastrous hurricanes and the science is settled. “Outside experts praised the work.”

They just can’t help it. Scientists who worry about the public image of science should take heed.

The qualifiers are in the story if you look for them. — “But they say there’s not enough evidence yet to tell whether that effect has already begun.” — “The evidence is not strong enough that we could make some kind of statement” along those lines, Knutson said.

Then there’s the attempt to minimize and rationalize criticisms.

Lately, the IPCC series of reports on warming has been criticized for errors. Emanuel said the international climate panel gave “an accurate summary of science that existed at that point.”

The defense runs deep. They just can’t help it. Global Warming. Doom. Gloom. Disaster, Consensus. All from a single report. Does a scientists need to worry about his profession?

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