The response: a climate of peace prize

Jeremy Block provides a response to George Will and others who have noted the dissonance between claims predicting global catastrophe and the evidence at hand. It is if Block was looking in the mirror …

Those three words ‘he is wrong.’ are what first comes to mind as any self-respecting scientist reads his column. However, being based in logic and evidence, saying ‘he is wrong’ isn’t as alluring a narrative as a skilled rhetorician like Mr. Will can spin. It is, however, based in reality and supported by facts.

In order to come up with this flat out assertion, Block creates quite a long list of dismissing rather egregious phenomena. Whether is is a Peace Price to one who has done nothing (by Nobel Committee admission) to earn it to many reports claiming ‘peer review’ report that end up being from advocacy groups and outright wrong, to problems with data management, the simple three word conclusion Block seems to think is obvious seems to be rather hyperbolic itself.

The real problem is that there are many whose depth in examining ideas is as shallow as Brock’s and they will sympathize with his knee jerk reaction. There is a need to look in the mirror and examine one’s own ideas before attacking those of others.

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