The nuclear option

Mona Charen takes note of a bit of a conundrum in Stuck on Yucca. One he one hand is an SOU statement suggesting nuclear power is being sought and on the other is the killing of the budget for Yucca Mountain. On top of that, yet another blue ribbon panel is being formed to study the matter yet again. Those blue ribbon panels are not cheap.

There is nothing dishonorable about opposing nuclear energy — though the greenies who claim that global warming is their chief worry have some explaining to do if they reject nuclear power — but there is something dishonest about claiming to favor nuclear power while simultaneously short-circuiting the most viable solution to the problem of long-term waste storage.

They are wasting their time, squandering our money, and insulting our intelligence.

This is similar to the journal Nature’s complaining that the FOIA requests for climate data were a nuisance just like the ethics complaints against Palin. The ethics complaints had no substance, were created out of whole cloth, and were indeed nuisance efforts much like the continual obstructionism of the Yucca Mountain project. The FOIA complaints were attempts to obtain compliance with science journal open data policies regarding published papers. The dishonesty Charen notes spreads far, wide, and deep in that there are patterns in these issues and the tactics being used.

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