Stewardship of the baby boomers

Jom Mahoney describes The Quiet Man at American Thinker. It remembers April 30, 1975.

It wasn’t America who abandoned her allies, leaving hundreds of thousands of people to the vengeance of a ruthless enemy. It was America’s elite: her politicians, diplomats, and most of all, her media that condemned them to their fate. That helicopter is an image of their failure, their treachery, and their mendacity.

The shame and guilt is theirs, not America’s.

On the contrary, it was America who welcomed the survivors of that disgraceful day. It was America, and everyday Americans, who sponsored them as they established themselves in a strange land, with its strange language and culture.

Blame shifting is a common game but it is not an honest one. When a country’s elected leadership acts, those acts are those of the country and not the leaders. This is true of any organization. The ‘baby boomers’ have not shown good stewardship and that is a burden that cannot be set aside.

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