Shallow and wishful thinking

Two examples in the news this morning highlighting insidious propaganda and its effect. Avatar May Be Global Smash, but USMC Not Amused at Daily Tech reports that Col. Bryan Salas, United States Marine Corps Director of Public Afffairs, wrote an open letter criticizing the film and its director saying it “takes sophomoric shots at our military culture and uses the lore of the Marine Corps and over-the-top stereotyping of Marine warriors to set the context for the screenplay. This does a disservice to our Corps of Marines and the publics’ understanding of their Corps.” – The director, James Cameron, has a habit of such views of the military as can be seen in Aliens, for example. It is the near stereotypical 60’s anti-war view that is stuck in some people’s mind no matter the evidence to the contrary.

Then there’s Pat Buchanan at CNSNews wondering Why Are They at War With Us? . He cites bin Laden’s reasons: US presence on Muslim lans, support for Isreal, and US reactions to Muslim aggression but then does not consider their validity. This is like those who presume the Crusades was a stimulus and not a response. His conclusion is that terrorism “is payback for our intervention. This is the price of empire.” His view is that the only reason we suffer casualties is because we engage the fight. There is the “Nothing justifies the massacre of Sept. 11. But these are the political goals behind the 9/11 attack” that says much about perspective.

In neither of these examples is reality honored. Cameron creates a military to suit his fantasies and Buchanan creates a history to suit his predilections. It would be one thing is these folks were a fringe but their followings indicate that such escapes from reality are all too real for all too many.

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