A geek describes the academia problem

Slashdot cites David Gerard

I question their metrics and they try to back it up with lame attempts at statistical reasoning. I really can’t blame them since they were probably told in college that logic and reason are superior to evidence and observation.'”

This is a precedence idea. It is not that logic and reason are not good, it is that evidence and observation (i.e. measure) is better. Logic and reason must adjust to what can be measured and not vice versa. Logic and reason must be honest with reality.

The failure to get this precedence right is behind many major issues such as climate change, energy availability and cost, nutrition and health, terrorism and crime, and the dialog between science and religion. In some respects it is a blessing that so many can set aside reality and live within their fantasies as that is a luxury of the secure and wealthy. For those who cannot escape, the reality of evidence and observation takes its proper role in their existence.

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