The Bush insight into 9/11

As things settled down after the 9/11/01 tragedy, the regression to the old trendline of the short stimulus/response ethos began to reasert itself. This was the idea that the terrorist acts were simple matters of expedient response to some easily understood stimulus. The Prof (but not Ph.D.) Churchill’s “little Eichmans” is an example of this mode of thinking.

The scope of the problem has caused some countries to investigate with a bit more integrity and thoroughness. What they are finding is leading to learning that the Islam problem is not as simple as might be desired.

Many Germans blame the United States for all of this, feeling that it Iraq had not been invaded, the Moslem community would not have become so pro-terrorist. However, as the police dig more deeply into Islamic radical activities in Germany, they find much of it predates 2003, and September 11, 2001 as well. [Strategy Page INTELLIGENCE OPERATIONS: Germans Build Cases. 7mr05]

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