Pinnochio’s nose

“Mr. Byrd not only was inaccurate; the senior senator’s own voting record runs contrary to his partisan parsing that appeared in The Post. ”
[Byrd on filibuster-busting. Washington Times. 7Mr05]

An occasional misstatement is one thing. A real whopper or a pattern should create skepticism about the positions being expressed.

“It’s yet another sign of the lengths to which some Senate Democrats will go to obstruct the president’s judicial nominations. ” [ibid]

There are comparisons and contrasts to be made. The same folks who line up with Senator Byrd are those who maintain that WMD was the premier cause and rationale for war in Iraq and that this cause was a fraud. Then there is the same group who have now done a 180 on social security reform.

What to do is the question. Exposure is always a good start but the cause of war fraud claim is a cautionary tale here. Elections may set a sentence if the populace does get the story straight (remember the Swift Vets). But, if that also succumbs, then it is the state of the country that will demonstrate the results – as we are seeing in Europe and Canada right now.

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