Who makes the rules and how?

Thomas Sowell (Believing the true believers 1mr05) asks

Back in the days of the divine rights of kings, it might be understandable why a given monarch might think that what he wanted was all that mattered. But, in an age of democracy, how can millions of people live together if each one asserts a divine right to impose his or her will on others?

This came about from noting a student who demanded that military recruiters not be allowed on a campus. It is a phenomena related to the censorship cries, gay marriage issues, sentencing, and judicial legislation.

Sowell’s conclusion:

The time is long overdue for our media and our educational institutions to start presenting both sides of issues — and for our schools and colleges to start teaching students how to think, instead of telling them what to think.

It seems that there are some people who make being offended a cause to celebrate and a reason to silence those who offend them. Perhaps a bit of tolerance might be a good thing. Let’s reserve the demands to not being offended to things like sedition, treason, abrogation of basic responsibilities, deceit, dishonesty, and so on rather than a distaste for others or their reasoned opinions.

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