belief vs reality in another realm

For the last few weeks it has been climatology. There is another topic that also has strong advocates who are functioning without much evidence to support them. Harriet Hall describes that topic in The End of Chiropractic.

In “An epidemiological examination of the subluxation construct using Hill’s criteria of causation” Timothy A. Mirtz, Lon Morgan, Lawrence H. Wyatt, and Leon Greene analyze the peer-reviewed chiropractic literature in the light of Hill’s criteria, the most commonly used model for evaluating whether a suspected cause is a real cause. … The evidence fails to fulfill even a single one of Hill’s nine criteria of causation.

The absence of publicity is astounding. This study has not even been noticed by the media. Where are the sensationalist journalists who usually exaggerate the news and make up provocative headlines? … When the news finally gets out, I predict contorted efforts at damage control. … I predict the authors of this paper will be attacked as traitors by their colleagues. And I predict my own comments will be misinterpreted as some kind of personal vendetta and I will be called ugly names.

The chiropractic emperor has no clothes, and now even some chiropractors have realized that. This study should mark the beginning of the end for chiropractic, but it won’t. Superstition never dies, particularly when it is essential to livelihood.

Now replace “chiropractic” with “AGW advocate” and see how it fits.

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