A case study in trying to come to grips with reality

Bruce has a very good detailed example of a troubled person trying to get through the stages of denial. See Monbiot – Projection, Denial And Ad Hominen Are Now “Argument”?.

Incredible projection on view in an article by George Monbiot today. If you’re not familiar with Monbiot, he’s been a leading supporter of AGW writing for the Guardian. And when Climaquiddick broke, he agreed that there was fire within the smoke and made the point that the damage to the AGW cause from the emails is real.

Today we see him trying mightily to erect a strawman and beat it to death. But he does that after again admitting the problem brought on by the emails but not quite as much as he has in the past.

The need is for an honest argument and that need is why it is an important issue. An example to contrast with Monbiot is Why the Historical Warming Numbers Matter – e very good summary and explanation of the science issues and why they are important.

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