The lumps under the rug are getting hard to ignore

There are videos and pictures and hard evidence but we are told they are of no significance. Covering Up for ACORN by Matthew Vadum describes how the James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles videos are being swept under the rug by former Massachusetts Attorney General Scott Harshbarger.

Surely Harshbarger knows these things, yet he seems unembarrassed to associate himself with this report that whitewashes the activities of a radical advocacy group-turned organized crime syndicate.

It seems this use of the rug to cover unpleasantness happens to a lot of issues these days. Rober Bradley describes how Alarmists cold-shoulder facts.

Others continue to trumpet “studies” that paint terrifying environmental fairy tales if world governments do not immediately criminalize carbon, ban fossil fuels and ration energy.

But these tactics are not new. Paul Ehrlich’s “population bomb” of the 1960s predicted food riots in the United States and around the world. Today, obesity is bigger problem.

Though climate models have proved to be an obvious inconvenient truth, alarmists continue to ignore this elephant in the room.

Then there’s Cal Thomas on the flat-head society

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has taken the route of many who would rather call names than have a serious debate

Or you can take a look at a BOOK REVIEW: Dispelling the fallacies of the left By A.G. Gancarski for another example of using the previous administration as a rug.

For a more detailed example of how something inconvenient can be swept under the rug, see The Smoking Gun At Darwin Zero about how a data set is adjusted in puzzling ways with a ‘surprising outcome’ of fitting an agenda. Again, Hrynyshyn provides an interesting contrast in his post The “climategate” virus spreads which expresses his dismay that folks are noticing the bumps under the rug. AJ Strata takes note of this in Another Set Of Cooked AGW Data, Results In More Proof AGW Does Not Exist

That cadre of alarmist ’scientists’ who thought they were the smartest people on the planet are now running into something the world has yet to fully grasp. The age of the internet and blogs (along with supporting SW tools that do data processing, graphing, video editing, etc) has created the ability for powerful and rapid collaborations of very smart and gifted individuals to form over night. These virtual teams are a new force that humanity’s legacy institutions have never faced before. They are in for a shock.

Why Switzerland Has The Lowest Crime Rate In The World reveals another issue where reality is often swept under the rug. In this case the issue is gun control.

Jennifer Rubin describes the state of the rug regarding the health care issue in The Crisis Bullies Are Losing

Backers of a government takeover of health care have been trying, not unlike the environmental hysterics, to tell us that we are in a dire crisis. For if one is in a crisis, something must be done. And in a crisis, one tends to be predisposed to accept all sorts of eye-popping power grabs and unbelievable statistics, because it’s a crisis after all. Alas, the public isn’t buying it. It sure doesn’t seem like a health-care crisis to most Americans.

She also describes a similar phenomena regarding the economy in Let’s Not Be Stupid or see The Job-Creation Snow Job — By: Thomas Sowell.

These examples illustrate that many issues if significant social importance are argued with a lack of intellectual integrity – behavior that is not conducive to effective decision making.

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