Other issues are still to hand

Climate research problems are not the only issues on the plate. Others still simmer and are being figured out.

The decisions of the USAG about who to prosecute have puzzled some. ACORN is one example. Jennifer Rubin describes the current activity on another in DOJ Employees Subpoenaed: Will Holder Interfere?. That one involves the blatant voter intimidation witness in the last major election. Another USAG issue is the terrorists trials and Kejda Gjermani covers some of the action there in the idea that The True Administration of Justice is the Firmest Pillar of Good Government. An alternative view at Slate is about Why the critics of the KSM trial are wrong. Rick has some additional thoughts on this topic in Theocentrism vs. Egocentrism. That cites Deborah Tyler who suggests that

liberalism is not insane. It is a highly adaptive ego device that enables people to violate commitments, vilify those who are true to their faith, and avoid personal sacrifice while feeling great about themselves. The only defense against hypocrisy is self-knowledge; the politics, spirituality, and morality of liberalism are well-constructed firmaments of self-delusion.

That gets back to the Roadkill Diaries taking note of the Christopher Essex commentary to the point that

Governments leaders wanted something where they could absolve themselves of the responsibility for making informed decisions. They would have to read science stuff otherwise. They ordered up a kind of unnatural scientist that would tell them precisely what they wanted to hear.

And then there’s Sarah. Going Rogue has sold more than a million copies at a record pace and now Palin wows them at the Gridiron Club. That shows a side many have denied she has, again. The truth can sometimes take a long time to sink in for some folks.

Then there’s Afghanistan (see The worst and the dimmest) and the troop strength versus pullout schedule; net neutrality and related issues (see Will Google be Neutral and Transparent with its new service?); Technology and the future of journalism as seen with the Tiger Woods story; and the Muslim conundrum such as described in Gaddafi: Swiss minaret ban invites al-Qaeda attacks.

Therein lies the assumption that all acts of jihadist terrorism must be a response to some kind of provocation (real or imagined) from non-Muslims: after all, the apologists keep telling us “defensive” jihad is quite alright, caliph or no caliph.

Now to check out the Skeptics Handbook and see if it fits the denial of reality paradigm often ascribed to those who dare question authority in certain matters.

Don’t we live in interesting times?

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