CRB: another example of defense

At Stoat is another source for examples of the defense behavior common in responding to the climate FOIA material. Those CRU emails in full describes how one of the correspondents considers the issue. Here are samples.

a. “Other people who have said sensible things include Denial Depot, Newtongate, CM and of course RC (apologies if you’re not on the list; oh all right Eli too since he says he needs the traffic). Indeed pretty well everyone with any sense seems to have got the right answer by now.”

i.e. if you don’t agree, you aren’t “sensible” and don’t have correct answers.

b. “If, nowadays, IPCC were to try to include a completely unsourced 1kyr reconstruction they’d get ripped to shreds”

i.e. the IPCC are victims.

c. “since that old graph shows a warm MWP plenty of septics nowadays are very keen to throw away all the peer-reviewed stuff we have and go back to this sourceless pic.”

i.e. skeptics are of one kind and dismiss all peer reviewed reports.

d. “It would be funny if it wasn’t so stupid.”

i.e. if not one of us, you are stupid and funny.

e. “you thought this couldn’t get any stupider? It has. Reminds me of the good old days in BAS, where the acid test of any rumoured management decision was always “is this really stupid enough to be true?”. Usually it was :-(”

i.e. it is gaining traction, I don’t like it, and because it doesn’t suit me it is stupid.

Note the concentration on persons and their character rather than on the evidence and what it says. Compare how Stoat approaches the issue to some of the commentary noted below such as that at Powerline. It illustrates why the discussion about many issues is not converging towards common understanding.

In the comments that follow the post is a question about why there is resistance to FOIA requests and a note that such resistance implies impropriety. A response to that asserts very negative attributes to those who are making such requests. That brings to mind that the best thing you can do for a fool is to let him show everyone what a fool he is. By that rule, the FOIA material requested should have been made readily available for the requesters to use to demonstrate their stupidity for all to see. The problem is that the supposed fools have had a history of demonstrating that the fool isn’t really them.

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