Are spies the answer?

How do you develop a prosperous, self sustaining society? Of course you borrow the best ideas from those you wish to emulate. Sometimes, though, what you think it is that you want is not what you need.

Russian modernizers reject the Western intellectual and ideological baggage (democracy, freedom, free market) in favor of practical imports, such as science, technology and management techniques. In doing so, they confuse the causes and consequences of the West’s success and are thus bound to be disappointed, but not without a lot of heartache and disruption. [Chrenkoff. Out of the East 23fb05]

What some people are beginning to find out is that the technology and other intellectual property that makes countries like the US wealthy is not what you need if you want to obtain that wealth. Instead you need to move those values and ideals that created the wealth into your culture.

It looks like a ‘hare and tortoise’ fable example with Russia. What appears to be the quick solution may not win the race.

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