The specks in the foam

Its hard to tell who is in the foam at the top of the cesspool right now. “Congressman Maurice Hinchey has broken his silence on his bizarre conspiracy rant—and in the tradition of the pugnacious, logic-deprived modern Democratic party, he refuses to apologize and digs the hole even deeper: Hinchey: Rove may be behind fake documents. (Hat tip: Confederate Yankee.)” [LGF Hinchey: I Have No Proof, But I’m Right. 22fb05]

Another candidate is JHS 51 teacher Alex Kunhardt and school principal Xavier Costello whose students sent a packet of letters to Pfc. Rob Jacobs of New Jersey, who is stationed in Korea. The letters took on the theme of ‘I support the troops but why do you kill babies and rape women and kill people?’ [LGF Outrage of the Day 22fb07]

Or, regarding “Betsy Newmark extensively quotes a story by Andrea Levin in the Jerusalem Post:” “More than an outrage, this is part of disturbing trend. Like Dan Rather, this reporter believed it was okay to run with a bogus story as long as the image conveyed to the viewer fit what the reporter believed to be the truth – fake, but accurate.” [Polipundit. An Outrage And A Disturbing Trend. 21fb05]. The story was about one of the faked outrages setup for the news so that the MSM could handle the propaganda for a terrorist group.

Other stuff in the foam include DNC Chair Dean’s comment “Republicans would need the hotel wait staff in order to fill a room with blacks shows that both he and his party are stuck in a time warp. Star Parker has more.‘ [HT Boortz] or the startup on the Negroponte smear camapiagn.

Oh, and don’t forget the Amensty International Report as described by Reuter’s. It seems women in Iraq are now worse off than they were under the Hussein family due to predation by US soldiers, or something.

Then you have the British ban on hunting with dogs – racial envy towards fox hunters? Or there is the ongoing MSM scratching the blog itch with occasional interesting descriptions of something they have never really seen (or perhaps cannot see).

And Whizbang points out another British bit of foam. “Winston Churchill once allegedly stated that the Royal Navy’s greatest traditions were rum, sodomy, and the lash. According to this story, all they’re missing now is the lash. You may commence with the seamen” jokes, the “going down with the ship” jokes, the “dive! dive! dive!” jokes, and the like.’

Thankfully the Eason Jordan and Jeff Gannon/James Guckert and Ward Churchill cases are sinking back into the muck at the bottom of the pool. Churchill may rise yet again, though.

And, down bubbling in the pool –

in the history of civilization no culture based on freedom and economic liberty has survived without recognizing the individual’s right to property and zealously protecting those rights. For many years now property rights have been under a clear assault from politicians seeking to solidify their positions of privilege and power through the misuse of eminent domain. Unfortunately, as has been documented numerous times in this space and on the air, a new national epidemic has emerged.  Politicians, hungry for tax revenues at all costs, have started to see private property rights as a small inconvenience. So if you’re a farmer who doesn’t want to sell his land to build a new Wal-Mart: look out. Government agents could confiscate your land under eminent domain, give it to Wal-Mart and oh by the way- they get to decide how much to pay you for it. It’s happening all too often across this country.” [Neil Boortz Eminent domain case before high court. 22fb07]

Maybe Pfc. Rob Jacobs needs to pass those letters he received to some middle school students in Iraq and see if he can get some pen-pal action going. It might be a real eye opener for Alex Kunhardt’s students and they might, in the process get a social studies lesson Teacher Kunhardt seems incapable of providing.

Lot’s of muck to examine. Maybe it’s time to look up and imagine creatures in the nighttime stars.

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