corruption is a key

One of the biggest issues facing security in Iraq and elsewhere is the matter of corruption. Seeing Bullit on the TV the other day was a reminder that police and government corruption is, and has been, a theme even in the US for a long time. The real question is not whether or not it exists but rather the structures and values that minimize it.

Let us speak truth to ourselves. Our double-entry bookkeeping, our self-government, our rule of law, and our limited-liability companies are more than mere wonders of the world. They are more than innocent inventions; they are the terrifying force multipliers that made us into world conquerors and world benefactors. [Christopher Chantrill. Ward Churchill is right. Partly. 16fb05]

Corruption is one of those areas where people build their situation that we described in the entry about Zimbardo. Situations do no just happen. Corruption is not anything more than the expression of a weakness. A free society must develop structures and values that destroy situations that can promote corruption.

Without trust, freedom does not exist. But trust does not generate itself. It too, is the result of a situation carefully crafted by a society and jealously guarded in criminal and civil prosecution as well as values of the group norms illustrated in the manner of respect and recognition. A freedom from corruption and a trustable ethos are critical matters for a country that truly wants the benefits of individual freedom, growth, and happiness.

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