cyberphobia, the beginnings

It used to be readin’ writin’ and ‘rithmatic – the 3 r’s of eductation. Things have changed and only a part of that change is in the subject.

But I do think there is an imbalance here, and it bothers me. If a student were to come in and say “You know, I just can’t handle literature classes. I’m no good at reading, and I’m not comfortable with it, so I don’t want to take any English classes,” most faculty would think that there’s something wrong with that person. And yet, I hear functionally equivalent statements about math every time I bring this subject up. Bright people will say “I think science is really neat, but I just can’t handle math,” and see nothing wrong with that.[ Chad Orzel. Poetry for Physicists . Uncertain Principles. 7fb05]

This is a case of setting expectations which are the limits within which goals are set. Making excuses for weakness or for a lack of willingness does not engender growth. Its like telling the coach you are too tired for the calesthenics and warm up exercises but are anxious to play the game anyway.

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