Techique, denial, and obliviousness

Coyote Blog and Q&O hit two sides of the same behavior. The technique under examination is an obliviousness of history or experience that does not fit the narrative. On one issue, it is the squashing of any nonconforming views.

One suspects that a reason more people are skeptical of alarmist predictions is that they know enough about human behavior to distrust someone who claims to be correct but refuses to respond to or even allow questions or replication. [Banning Dissent, Even in Science]

In another example, it is a blindness about even recent history.

It is a sight to behold the left, after an 8 year tantrum, suddenly projecting their behavior and history on the right and calling it dangerous, disrespectful and poisonous. In comparison to their behavior, what is happening now is both mild and warranted. But don’t expect this orgy of leftist whining to end anytime soon. Like a goose does every day, they seem to have awakened in a new world and have absolutely no memory of their own recent behavior or of the recent history of violence toward politicians here. Instead, they prefer to invent their own version as they go. [Thomas Friedman’s Selective History And Left-Wing Paranoia]

Science or politics, the issue is still people. The lack of intellectual integrity is blatant but does not appear obvious to many. Why is that?

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