The issue is not the one on the table, it is the one in front of your face

ACORN Scandal Has Deep Roots. The real scandal is the sickness in policy and philosophy.

the problems of ACORN represent a broader and even more scandalous idea: the conventional acceptance of the Left’s self-righteous claim to have a monopoly on all politics, policy, and lifestyles that are good.

The reaction that has greeted the furor has been the most disturbing facet of the whole sorry affair.

Don’t blame them, in other words. They can’t help themselves; they’re poor people.

And herein lies the deeper scandal — it’s not just the denial of what is right in front of your face, it’s denial of a bad mode of operating, of a sickness in policy and philosophy.

It gets painted as a contest with “conservatives” on attack. It gets excused as a necessary adjust of a victimized population. A report this morning implies all is OK because, in one town, the ACORN exposers were reported to police after their visit. There are the smear attacks (and threats) on the couple who did the undercover work to expose ACORN.

While corruption of misuse of government funds may be the issue on the table, it is the response to exposing that issue that is in your face. The sickness is in the policies that fostered the issue on the table and the philosophies that try to shove it off the table and back underneath and out of sight and to shut down the flashlight trying to expose its ugliness.

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