The US has spent a lot of effort to make its weapons of war smarter and more accurate. Rules of Engagement often put soldiers at risk to avoid civilian casualties. The enemies the US has engaged since WW II do not seem to share this penchant. They often use children rather than computers to guide weapon delivery. Despite this, there are folks like those described at Black Five in True war crimes.

For the record, I do not question their intelligence, their basic values, and their patriotism — you can’t question what’s not there. …

They reward these people [terrorists who blow up children intentionally], and celebrate them. They lionize them.

A simple fact and difference lost on the moral and intellectual cripples of the world.

The post strongly recommends a video that shows an IED clearing exercise where a terrorist set off the explosive even when a child was standing on top of it.

This is where the real conflict exists. It is the essence of relativism and moral equivalence that lead away from effective decisions about what is truly awful and what is just ugly reality necessary to deal with it.

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