The emperor’s new clothes?

But it is stunning to note that the foregoing list of outrageous and inflammatory rhetorical attacks came from the mouths of the most senior Democratic elected leaders in the country.

Toney Blankley takes note in a comment about End the coarsening of civic discourse about the ‘look in the mirror’ phenomena.

to feel these passions so profoundly, and then to be accused of so base a motive as racism for our sincerely held views, is almost too much to contain. No good can come from so flagrant an assault on the honor and decency of 60 percent of our people.

The illness is not localized. At KevinMD, a post started off with the meme that the 9/12 WDC rally was manufactured and that the town hall meetings in August were angry and violent affairs. This is a common partisan presumption that doesn’t even pass initial inspection. What has been remarkable is what Brietbart has been illustrating at with the slow exposure of the ACORN and NEA scandals. That is how the ‘crowd’ has refused to notice certain peculiar and rather obvious facets of the emperor’s new clothes.

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