Governmental incentives and feral kids

Peter, The Bayou Renaissance Man, discusses Feral kids and the problems they pose. The post refers to “a series of articles on feral kids in Britain and the problems they pose in terms of crime, anti-social behavior, etc.” The focus is on the incentives from the welfare state that result in disassociated fathers, single parent children, and girls in their formative years using children as a source of income.

Feral kids are only one result. The young men who are being used to father a child and are then discarded also tend to go ‘feral.’ The role of father is transferred to the government which is more reliable and pays more and doesn’t burden the mother with excess close and personal relationships (babies and children are easier to ignore). The ties that bind civilization are cut asunder by well meaning governmental programs.

I know from bitter personal experience the consequences of such a culture. I used to meet them every day in my work as a prison chaplain. A very significant proportion of those kids, of any and all races, will end up as convicted criminals. They’re feral, anti-social, wrapped up in a ‘me first’ culture that justifies doing anything and everything to get what they want, blaming their problems on ‘Whitey’ or ‘the system’ or ‘racism’ but never accepting any personal responsibility. And, really, who can blame them? They imbibed those attitudes with their mothers’ milk!

Should this change? Can it be changed? Should it be changed? How can the original motivation of the governmental programs be addresses without this side effect?

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