Human nature … and politics

If you struggle to understand the animosity in public venues these days you are not alone. You can take Speaker Pelosi’s tack or you can look to what is known about basic human nature. This choice if path towards understanding is key.

Limbaugh describes it as one side working their feelings while the other is working reason and logic. Dr. Sanity goes into depth with curiouser and curiouser.

You can then count on the true leftist believer to close his eyes not only to his own internal reality, but also to the external reality that proves the uselessness of his beliefs in the real world.
But in the end, reality is too logical an argument to have much sway with the man (or woman) of the left anyway. Like Alice, we find ourselves in an Obama Wonderland where nothing makes sense anymore. Curiouser and curiouser.

Find out why. Dr. Sanity explains.

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