Rich Evanns thinks it is The Confidence Party. Of course, “confidence” can have many meanings from being held in secret to being a type of scam to being a necessary attitude for success. The latter can be seen in political dialog where some assertions and assumptions are given with a certitude that belies reality. Evanns thinks there may be cracks in that certitude.

Confidence. Confidence is the reason — they no longer believe that they can get away with it. There has been too much backlash recently, too much free flow of truthful information over the Internet to the point where Democrats cannot get away with the equivocations and prevarications they have come to rely on so much, without getting a harrowing at a town meeting, and/or a blizzard of criticism from other sources.

It is easy to be confident if there is no accountability and no expectation of being held accountable. It may be that it is easier for people to answer questions about allegations and assumptions and see just how much confidence is really warranted. The emperor can parade his new clothes but can no longer depend upon the populace seeing them for what they really are.

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