Vocabulary lesson, Borked, Swiftboated, or Beck’d?

An addition to the political lexicon: Becked provides a concise definition of a few terms that are often misused in the introduction of a new one.

It may be that “borking” (“attack viciously a candidate or appointee, especially by misrepresentation in the media” -RIP TK) may be getting more difficult due to the ability to allow everyone to see the evidence. Swiftboating (“exposing of a poltroon who inflates his biography”) too often depends upon first hand testimony but the Beck technique (“destroy the political career of someone by repeatedly using the target’s own recorded words to vilify themselves”) can also work to destroy an allegation by showing that it is empty.

The Van Jones case, which was the prompt for elevating Beck to a verb, one can see that, for a significant part of the populace, the exposed “recorded words” were not matters for vilification but rather for praise as the expression of an ideologic brother. If being Beck’d seems to be working, that means that every ideologic brother is being vilified and that means a defense must be mounted. That means conflict.

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