Lost in space

While many note how the resignation of Van Jones being a surprise says more about selective media coverage of a major scandal, there are those who illustrate that the problem includes more than just media types. Myrna provides an example of just how lost in space many seem to be when she writes about The Cultural Moment of The Van Jones Resignation.

What used to be our national discourse (if we can even still call it that) is now driven by the profit-driven, morally bankrupt ravings of hysterical pundits (hysterical in the Freudian sense). Reasonable citizens stare on stuttering and slack-jawed as they continually find themselves forced to explain how entirely fact and reality free, hysteria-filled assertions are not true.

And note the supposed source of the discourse problem

what is clear, is that, with the collusion of the mainstream media and the Republican Party, our national discourse has descended into some kind of hate and bigotry filled national purgatory we can’t seem to escape.

What is missing, other than a selected side note, is Van Jones. A proper basis for effective discourse will start with a bit less cherry picking of ‘offenses’ from the other side and a bit more of an awareness of reality. Van Jones ‘resigned’ because he got caught, repeatedly, with venomous assertions about racism and anti-American assertions and alliance with some of the more absurd conspiracy groups.

“Being shocked” in this case means being brought up short with reality. Part of that is a problem with limited sources for information and not seeing the trail that lead up to the concluding act. Another part is that which drives one to label those with whom one disagrees as a “lynch mob” or “morally bankrupt” or “hysterical”. Freud was even mentioned. Myrna hits nearly all of the talking points from “death panels” to anti-capitalism in the rant and this also tends to indicate that thinking is not quite on top of the priority list.

It wasn’t Fox News (e.g. Glen Beck) or those nasty Republicans nor even the media (whose major members did not even report the building scandal) that should be blamed for the raw discourse. All one has to do is to view the videos and the other direct evidence that was uncovered that show Van Jones in action to see the “hate and bigotry filled national purgatory” and hysteria, and moral bankruptcy and escape from reality really are. Van Jones, like the Reverend Wright put these behaviors on a plate served to the public.

While the behavior of such as Jones is appropriate for concern, its source is in the delusions and rationalizations and blaming as illustrated in Myrna’s post. It is the ‘little guys’ that provide credibility to the big ones and it is up to the ‘little guys’ to do what was done in holding a big guy accountable as was done here.

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