A Catholic’s four principles for governmental health care

Mark Wauk describes “an important article that Roman Catholic Bishop R. Walker Nickless of Sioux City, Iowa, published in his diocesan newspaper on the subject of health care and health care reform” at American Thinker: ObamaCare and Catholic social teaching. Four principles are highlighted.

Bishop Nickless’ reflections are an excellent starting point for any constructive discussion of these important issues.

1) “First and most important, the Church will not accept any legislation that mandates coverage, public or private, for abortion, euthanasia, or embryonic stem-cell research.”

2) “the Catholic Church does not teach that “health care” as such, without distinction, is a natural right.”

3) “the Catholic Church does not teach that government should directly provide health care.”

4) “preventative care is a moral obligation of the individual to God and to his or her family and loved ones, not a right to be demanded from society.”

This provides a good example of a profitable argument. Clear values are defined that can be used to evaluate and measure proposals. The values themselves can be debated to determine the source of differences of opinion.

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